Good Times In Good Taste.

Whether it involves fine or casual dining, Tapas Restaurant’s ever-changing menu offers delightful dishes ranging from traditional entrees to seasonally inspired gourmet fare. There’s always something to please every palate—no matter what state or what country you hail from. Home delivery is a popular convenience. Our pastry chef also creates everything from breakfast rolls to wedding cakes. Tapas hosts winemaker dinners and wine tastings as well as weekly cocktail hours in season.

Dining Out From A Dramatic New Perspective

Tapas Restaurant’s covered dining court provides a truly unique indoor-outdoor dining experience. A spectacular fireplace creates a cozy ambiance, while expansive glass doors open to stunning views of the Santa Rosa Mountains.

Andalusia’s covered, open-air courtyard and indoor-outdoor event room also showcase spectacular mountain and desert views. The center courtyard and the event room with floor-to-ceiling glass doors are delightful venues for member functions as well as for private dinners, cocktail parties and celebrations.


Meet Chef Frederic Nail, Tapas Restaurant

Born and raised in France, Executive Chef Frederic Nail honed his culinary skills in the finer restaurants of France, Switzerland and Sweden. “Dining is key to the Andalusia experience,” he says. “Our diners are here day in, day out, year in, year out, so we have to keep our standards consistently high.”

He is also known for his Chef’s garden that produces chilies for special salsas that range from just hot to real barnburners. Chef Nail also likes to play racquetball, hike in the mountains around Andalusia and, of course, spend time with his two children.